Saying goodbye is always hard…

Remember that feeling when you would go to summer camp and the last day you were saying goodbye to all your new friends that you know in the back of your mind you probably won’t see again even though you have every hope you do? A mixture of heartbreak and overwhelming sadness… This is a very distinct emotion that I felt while saying goodbye to some of the amazing friends we have here in our street, neighborhood, church and community. This network has become more like family in the past few years and saying goodbye is hard. One at a time though, friends would come and go and we would give a big hug that felt so long overdue (thanks Covid) and felt like we had done it a million times. In the eight years we have been in this home we have found a community that was one of the biggest pros in our pro/con list when making our decision to go. The only thing that could possibly replace this kind of community, is actual family, and this is what we are moving for. Knowing that the kids will spend their time making memories and developing bonds with Oma and Opa and aunts and uncles and cousins make this all worth it, but that doesn’t mean that the goodbyes aren’t hard, because they are.

To every person that I told to come visit us, please know that I meant it! Know that if you come stay with us I would take time to show you around and cook special German meals and make your vacation one to remember! As we say our goodbyes, know that this offer is always open and you will always be welcome. While “everything is always bigger in Texas”, I can guarantee the hospitality in the heart of this Texas girl is greater still!

What are some things that were obviously present at a farewell to Texas party? Tex-Mex food – My personal favorite has always been Los Cucos, so there was plenty of that! A very yummy Cookie cake from the incomparable Libby with Whisk Me Away. Outdoor fun for all the kids and lots of folding chairs! And finally lots of Texas themed gifts that this Texas girl loves! From Buc-cees to Texas shaped cutting boards and cookie cutters to needlework, our amazing friends blessed us! I hope you get a chance to read this blog post and know how much we loved spending some time with you!

One thought on “Saying goodbye is always hard…

  1. Lauran, I cant begin to express how much I love and admire you! This past year of COVID19 robbed us all of precious time together. But an appreciation for family and all that comes with it was rekindled in us all. You will never make a mistake by putting family first. I admire you for this difficult decision. And yes, you can take the girl out of Texas, but you will never take Texas out of the girl! Happy trails to you ‘til we meet again! ❤️


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