Essentially we are homeless

One month was the amount of time we had from the time we accepted the offer on our house until we closed on the sale. We will spend two weeks traveling around before we fly out to go to Germany finally on a one way flight. Five weeks is the time it takes for our container to ship to Germany and it left two days before our closing. School will begin for the kids in August, so this is the reason we wanted to get over to Germany, to allow them to become more familiar with the language. Our house won’t be ready until end of October, early November, so when our container arrives we will technically have access to our stuff but not a place to easily access as it will go in the storage warehouse for our parents business. Living with Oma and Opa for a few months will be amazingly different than the last year we have spent at home, but it won’t be our own home. We hope to use the time to prepare for our new home. I here are still many things that need to be purchased, built and put in the house before we can live there. So while traveling around Disney can you blame me for wanting to tell people we are homeless? I mean, maybe they will take pity on us?

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