Less than a week

We now have less than a week until we are officially living in Germany. In the past week and a half we have driven from Spring, Texas to New Orleans for one night, to Panama City Beach for one night and then to Orlando for seven nights before turning back and coming back to Destin Florida for five nights. Orlando was awesome, the nights in New Orleans and Panama City Beach were too short, and Destin hasn’t been what we expected but maybe we needed some downtime. We have been preparing for this move for as long as I can remember now, at least half our our quarantine. Although, we may have been preparing for it since we met… When you start dating someone who isn’t from the same area as you, moving is always on the table.

Sitting in Destin with the rain, it feels like everything is happening slowly, but when we leave here on Friday we will only have three full days before flying out on Tuesday the 18th. I know there are so many things that I need to do, so many people I want to see one last time, so many things I still want to buy to take with me, how am I ever going to get it all done.

Friends… there are so many people I want to see. Is ten minutes a piece enough? In a time when everyone is scared to hug, how can I hug everyone goodbye, and as a firm believer that if you didn’t give someone a hug, did you really even visit them, will not hugging leave me feeling empty?

What do I still need to buy? I already have 7 large suitcases fully packed and probably overweight, an empty one on the way to a friends where we are storing our stuff for when our road trip is finished and I am still not sure that will be enough. We have five carry on suitcases and each of us has a backpack, do we even have enough shoulders and hands to carry all of it. It feels excessive until you consider its a forever move, or maybe its still excessive… I still need to make a list though, and I am afraid that if I physically go inside an H-E-B that I will end up with another suitcase worth of food!

I am currently trying to track down all the things I need to do, I am on the phone scheduling covid tests, antibody testing, refilling prescriptions to still pick up, setting an appointment to sell the car, get an adjustment with Dr. Ward, my favorite chiropractor, buying more luggage, scheduling last playdates, a birthday party and trips to see family. I have a grocery list at Walmart, Target and HEB because I must be crazy! All of this while trying to relocate all of our luggage and belongings that are still in Texas to one hotel room.

I started this post while sitting in Destin, now I am finishing it while sitting in New Orleans where we will stay the night on our way back to The Woodlands. The next few days will be a whirlwind I am sure, and I cannot wait to write about them! Saturday, Sunday and Monday left!

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