Spargelzeit also know as Asparagus Time!

There is a season here in Germany when white asparagus is available and it’s a big deal! I have always gotten a special plate of food with schnitzel, potato and steamed asparagus in a hollandaise sauce, it’s yummy! But while driving through the McDonalds here we found something new on the menu, for “Spargel Wochen” or Asparagus Week, they have added a Big Spargel Hollandaise which is a burger with white asparagus, hollandaise and bacon. Personally, I think it’s a little much but it’s truly funny to me that McDonalds has jumped aboard this craze as well! Would you try it???

Big Spargel Burger McDonalds Menu Information

Here are some funny articles about this as well!

The Local DE – McDonalds Spargel Burger

I am Expat – McDonald’s give Germans what they really want

And a video! American’s Try Spargel Burger

2 thoughts on “Spargelzeit also know as Asparagus Time!

  1. Sounds very creative! I would try it if I was in Germany! It’s the only place I could eat something like that. 🙂


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