Strong Shirt Game

My fashion sense can be summed up very simply by the phrase, I wear statement shirts, not statement necklaces! I was recently folding my shirts from my suitcase and started to count my usual types of statement shirt! Above all, Texas and Texas related shirts are my favorites! As a born and raised Texas girl, these are the most comfortable for me. The past five years while running a local moms group I think it’s safe to say that my follow up category would be Mom related shirts and MOPS shirts. Others would include sarcasm, inspirational, Houston area sports teams, pop culture, Disney and finally, extremely oversized so I can accidentally fall asleep in them!

My Texas and inspirational shirt collection is mostly made up of shirts I have purchased from a local shop The H Crew. Angela over at The H-Crew knows that when she gets a good Texas one in, she can count on me to buy it! Up until now she has even done doorstep delivery, I did live around the corner, and I am really gonna miss that service!!

I also tend to frequent the The Home T which has shirts for all states and lots of Disney, pop culture and sarcastic ones for me! The thing I love most about them at the Home T is their customer service, I have had a few shirts that had defects (when you buy as many as I do, it’s bound to happen) and they sent me new ones and apologies really quickly! On any given day I will have at least five shirts in my cart on their website, it’s a bit of an obsession! The one below I wore for my farewell party as well as on the plane to come to Germany!

Another place I go for fun shirts are various markets where you will find boutique style stores! Similar to what the H-Crew sells but usually each store will have their own variety! Some great markets are Houston Ballet Nutcracker Market and the The Woodlands Jr League Holiday Market. If you can find a boutique like The H-Crew that sells shirts from Texas True Threads, make sure you get on their VIP list!

A wonderful friend blessed me with some new Texas shirts just before we left the state and while I’m not a big animal print girl, I just love them so much! Sometimes you have friends that just get you and also help push you a little bit out of your comfort zone and you find something new you like!

On a last note, my Christmas shirt game has turned into a bit of a compulsion! At first I wanted to have one for every day from Black Friday to after New Years but I surpassed that and now I just try to wear them each at some point during the holiday! I was always a sucker for a new shirt while getting the kids Santa pictures made at The Turquoise Door. When I packed a plastic box to be put in our container Markus was not amused that it only contained my holiday wardrobe! But hey, everything is bigger in Texas right??

A few of the shirts I’ve shopped at The Turquoise Door!

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