Surprise Visits

On our second weekend in Germany, after a week of trying to adjust to our new time zone and surroundings, I figured we would have a quiet weekend just hanging out with family. We did do that, but with family who drove from six hours away to surprise me!!

After spending a couple hours at the home of some close friends here in Germany, we came home expecting an evening of quick dinner, baths and early to bed! Only we had a surprise! The cousin which we have chosen as Lukas’ godmother had driven the six hours from the Munich area with her husband to spend the weekend with us! She has lovingly called and video chatted with him as much as possible over the past year, but this was the first official visit for her with her Godchild and she just couldn’t bare to wait anymore! Even with all the current Coronavirus regulations in place and an outlook of only being able to hang out at the home of her Aunt and Uncle, they came all the way to meet our special boy!

Lukas was born and raised during the pandemic, at now 14 months old, only in the past two months have we left the house or ventured to other places, and we have done A LOT in that time! It started with selling the house, packing and moving, spending time with friends and getting to finally live a little, the past two months has been a whirlwind for sure. And then one month ago when we sold the house we did the road trip and in two weeks spent time in several states and six hotels! Immediately flying to Germany and now spending time with family he is finally starting to see what pre-pandemic life was like!

Our weekend was spent eating pizza from an Italian place, walking around the town where we are living, having Italian ice cream and doner kebap’s and finally a feast of Yugoslavian food. It’s amazing how many cuisines and options exist in our small village. It was nice to just spend time in the company of family. After a hard year, it was perfect!

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