First Full Week of School and Life

Lainey finished her first full week of school today. Last week she only had two days because of a holiday.

The drive isn’t too bad! We are currently using a spare car from the in-laws and its a standard, which I have barely driven in my life. I was taught by a friend in Highschool but never had one as a car so its not a familiar thing for me. After three rounds with Markus sitting passenger and practically having a heart attack each time, I finally felt confident enough to make the drive by myself. It is 51 kilometers each way, so it’s not like a short drive. There are a number of hills in and out of the town where the school is located, and this has only caused me a little anxiety. After today’s drive with no stalls, I have only stalled three times and panicked twice and had to have Markus get me out of a spot. I will say, German drivers do not respect space, especially on hills and will pull all the way up to you even if you are trying to back out of a parking spot, which was my first freak out, since the car that pulled all the way up to me was a brand new Range Rover. I am sure they were pleased when Markus and I changed positions while they were waiting! I did enjoy driving again though and I am starting to get used to the rules of the autobahn.

The first two days Lainey was in school she seemed to be excited because so many of the kids also spoke English. By the end of her first full week those same kids have settled in to watch her learn German and aren’t going to want to translate what is going on for much longer so she is going to have to suck it up and learn the language. A few things that are different for Lainey, other than being in school for the first time since March 2020, are that they require kids to eat the lunch in the cafeteria and they have different classes each day and different teachers for some of the core subjects. Due to Covid, they have what is normally two second grade classes of around 20 kids, split into four classes to help with distancing. Our next move is to find a German tutor with the school that can work with her even more so that she can get a more firm grasp on the language and not fall even more behind in school. She does come home excited that she is the best in the class when its time for English class!

We are getting our container on Tuesday, this is a huge relief! It was randomly selected for detailed inspection when it came to customs, but it was cleared the day later, so that was also something that took some pressure off our minds!

All in all we are starting to settle in, but there is still a long road ahead.

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