Tuesday was the day!

Our container arrived Tuesdsay and they were busy unloading it into the warehouse where all our household belongings will stay until we move into our new home!

Still sealed up since Texas!

The coordination effort by my husband to get the container here and unloaded without incurring many more charges has been a special feat! It doesn’t seem to matter what your occupation is, when it comes to ocean freight and your household belongings, everyone is subject to the same rules and regulations! Our container was even pulled for detailed inspection which I think included an x-ray we also had to pay for.

The morning started off fun as no one told us we would need a bolt cutter to remove the seal from the container! After one of the movers ran to a nearby car repair shop for a hand saw we were in business!

The poor truck driver tried his best!

At first glance we are pretty sure this was our container!!!

It took three movers, my husband and his dad a little over three hours to unload the container. There is a warehouse and one and a half garage bays full with our boxes and furniture. Everything will be there if we need it in the coming months while we wait for the house to be completed.

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