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Clumsy doesn’t even begin to cover it…

One month. That’s how long it took me to fall down the stairs of our new house. I was walking from the top floor down with my daughter to get her ready for school, when I slipped and went down, one leg went out straight while the other bent under me and I bounced down […]

Home Sweet… Dude

Don’t let the title fool you, being in our home is awesome, but I recently taught my five year old to respond “Sweet” every time I say “Dude” and as a teen from the 90’s I happen to say Dude a LOT! We recently got the keys to the house we have been building for […]

Building Process

We are inside the week countdown until we have the keys to our new home. We started this process over a year ago and it felt like this day would never come. Here we are though, last Friday we did our walkthrough to make note of all the final things that need to be addressed. […]

The Driver’s License

I had a good cry today. The day had finally come for me to pick up my German drivers license. We applied about three weeks ago and lucky for me, the reciprocity agreement with Texas allowed me to bypass the test which seems to be pretty hard. All I had to do was apply and […]

The Waschsalon

There are a number of things that are different for us here, but I want to pick some topics to elaborate on. Let me talk about washing clothes in Germany for a minute! I am not someone who wants someone else to wash my clothes so it’s really hard for me to let that go […]

Settling a bit…

Last week while trying to plan our schedule, I glanced at the calendar and realized that it has been over three months now that we are living in Germany with our in-laws. To say this time has been easy is an absolute lie. I don’t even feel like the time has flown by. It has […]

Use Your Fork

It never occurred to me that at the age of 8 my daughter would be judged on her ability to use a fork and knife while eating lunch at school. When I started dating Markus was when I was slapped across the face with the fact that my southern style table manners, which I learned […]

Harder than we anticipated

We knew that this would be hard. We knew that we were moving to another country where things are different and that for a while it would be a transition. Food is different, you don’t realize how different until you are trying to find a new normal for your morning routine and nothing feels right. […]

Tuesday was the day!

Our container arrived Tuesdsay and they were busy unloading it into the warehouse where all our household belongings will stay until we move into our new home! The coordination effort by my husband to get the container here and unloaded without incurring many more charges has been a special feat! It doesn’t seem to matter […]

Buying a Car in Germany

We have been watching the online car market place for months, trying to figure out what the right car will be for us. There are so many vehicles that are common to the US that simply don’t exist here in Germany, unless they were imported by the owner. Mini Vans, larger SUV’s, trucks, are all […]


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